Cedar Point Environmental Park

The natural beauty of Cedar Point is unmatched in Charlotte County. With 115 acres covered by pine flatwoods, scrubby mangroves, and salt marshes, there is plenty to explore!

Charlotte Harbor Preserve Sate Park

The 46,000-acre Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park is one of the most beautiful places in Florida. Its islands and surrounding areas are home to some amazing wildlife that you can find out on your own adventure exploring this wonderful domain!The SWFWMD provides protection for two aquatic preserves: Gasparilla Sound/Charlotte Harbor, and Cape Haze–Matlacha Pass+Pine Island.

Gasparilla Island State Park

Historic Boca Grande Lighthouse provides another great reason for guests to visit this Florida state park. Not only does its iconic nature make stunning pictures possible at any time during the year, but visiting also allows you to enjoy swimming & fishing, all with scenic views.

Don Pedro Island State Park

The 130-acre Don Pedro Island State Recreation Area is located on a stretch of the Florida coast where you can enjoy crystal clear seas, white sand beaches and lush tropical forest. The area also includes two marinas for fisherman who come here to ply their trade at Mushroom Bay or hunt ducks along Withrow Creek!

Myakka State Forest

If you’re looking for a place to spend the night in Florida, head on over to Myakka State Forest. The forest has primitive campsites dispersed around waterways that are perfect spots to enjoy fishing or overnight hiking with all your friends!

Rotunda Community Park & Preserve

At the Rotonda Community Park and Preserve in Florida, there’s a perfect place for you to rejuvenate yourself this weekend. The long stretch of lush green garden isn’t just scenery; it also includes amenities like playgrounds picnic tables shelters – making sure all members have fun!
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