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7 Property Management Services You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

How to Consistently Exceed Your Guests Expectations

Basic property management services are a must-have for any property owner, particularly if they don’t live locally. A well-connected property manager will help you find quality tenants. They ensure that they keep your home in prime condition while you are away. They perform regular inspections and consistently stock your rental with everything your guests may need. While these are standard offerings, many property managers also offer a suite of concierge services that help you stand apart and extend a more tailored experience to your guests.

1. Guest Check-In, Walk-Through & Check-Out

Nothing makes a guest feel more at home than a warm welcome from a friendly face. Let your local property management team be your boots on the ground! They’ll be there to greet your guests upon arrival, take them on a tour of the property, and deliver the keys. This establishes them as the main point of contact for your guest’s stay so that you can be worry-free. Additionally, your property manager can make another visit at the end of the booking. Here, they’ll perform a walk-through, collect the keys, and ensure that your home is properly cleaned and closed up for the next guest.

2. Laundry & Drycleaning

A quality property management company will be available to help your guests with laundry and dry cleaning during their stay. This allows your guests to feel like royalty and enjoy their trip without having to worry about mundane tasks.

3. Grocery Shopping

Your guests should be spending their vacation on the Gulf Coast enjoying the sunshine, sand, and crystal clear waters. Not in a grocery store. Grocery shopping services will help your guests relax and ensure that they have everything that they need for the duration of their stay.

4. Small Errands

Popping by the pharmacy, the post office, or running other small errands could be delegated to your property manager, too. Taking care of these details for your guests will guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience that they’ll talk about for years to come.

5. Handyman Services

Unfortunately, things happen when we least expect them to. This can be a hassle, particularly if you are a remote owner. Working with a property management team will guarantee that small inconveniences don’t turn into larger ones. A good property manager will have established connections with local handymen, contractors, and vendors. This means they can get your property back on track in a fast and efficient manner.

6. Organizing

Is your property feeling a little cluttered? Property managers can help with that, too! From decluttering to reorganizing, downsizing, and simplifying, you’re covered! This can be particularly helpful if you are converting your property to a vacation rental. Having a homey touch is nice, but depersonalizing your property will help everybody who visits feel invited and welcomed. This is paramount to a successful rental.

7. Storm Prep

You can’t always prepare for what’s ahead with the weather, particularly in Florida! In the face of a weather event, it is reassuring to know that you’ve got somebody taking care of your home. Preparing for a storm may include putting up hurricane shutters, checking the property to ensure that all windows and doors are properly sealed, performing a roof check, ensuring that it is well-stocked with batteries, and even post-storm cleanup.


Property management services are so much more than meets the eye! Aligning with a superior property management company allows you to breathe easier as a property owner and to offer a superior experience to your guests. Learn more about our concierge services on the “Property Management” tab of our site. Then, contact us to learn more!

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